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A Dark Wind Blows

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jul 9, 2020 4,214

Salutations, Dekaron!

An unspoken tension permeates Trieste, like a daydream or a fever, and the ocean's horizon reveals fleeting glimpses of a shadow of something grand and dark. The artisans of Ardeca keep supporting the land’s would-be saviors, and soldiers continue lining up to face Karon’s armies, but all cannot help but feel trapped in the belly of a horrible machine.

Trieste Jumping

Jumping returns to Trieste! Only on Dekaron: Global’s original server, players have the chance to create a new character at level 180, and to receive an all-new starting package.

It went like this

To participate, you just need to create a character on Trieste as you normally would. Before confirming character creation, you’ll be asked if you wish to make this a Jumping character, which will otherwise begin play as normal but at level 180 and with the new starting package.

Each account is limited to one Jumping character at a time, but starting with this event, you can now Regenerate your Jumping character. If you try a class out at 180 and find that it’s not to your liking, you can Regenerate by deleting your existing Jumping character and creating a new one (after the three-day wait to confirm character deletion). And if you're not be satisfied with your second, then you can even Regenerate again. But the third Jumping character is your last chance to Regenerate, at least for this Jumping event, so make sure it’s one you want to play.

The buildings toppled in on themselves

Jumping characters will begin play with a Champion Supply Box and Champion Support Package, replacing the standard starting package. You’ll have all the gear you need to face the challenges of high-level Dekaron play, including runes, Holy Water, Arcadia’s Protection, and a permanent +7 Elite Helpyron’s weapon and a set of +7 Elite Helpyron’s armor. You can add brands and sockets to Elite Helpyron’s gear, but you can’t reinforce it any further or otherwise modify it. Elite Helpyron’s armor even includes a set bonus, but it is only applied with other pieces of Elite Helpyron’s armor, not standard Helpyron’s.

All Jumping characters have their first Trans Up tier unlocked, but must visit Gniar in Mitera to earn their Meister title.

Your Champion Support Package contains a Jumping Support 185Lv Package, which you can open at the indicated level, for even more gear and items. Another package is available at levels 190, and one at 195.

None of the equipment in the Jumping start packages is tradable, and most of it is only temporary – lasting 15 or 30 days. In the event that any of these items remain in your character’s inventory when the next Jumping event starts, they will be automatically removed. The indicated time under the Expires column is for the item as you receive it from the package – some of them are boxes which might contain items with a different duration.

Equipment Preview

If you need some help picking your Jumping character's class, and style is as much your concern as gameplay, you can now preview how multiple armor and equipment sets will look on each character class on the character selection screen.

The skyline was beautiful on fire

Cursed Doubloon Giveaway

If scores of battle-ready heroes coming out of nowhere aren’t unsettling enough, the people of Ardeca are receiving cryptic letters, along with strange golden coins. Touching these coins results in an unpleasant chill, and no one is willing to accept them. That is… except Esteban.

All twisted metal stretching upwards

Ardeca’s resident soon-to-be-world famous poet seems more than happy to take these coins from anyone, and he’s even offering a few exotic goods in return - some gold of his own, or a change of clothes for some inscrutable reason.

All characters of level 135 or above will receive one Cursed Golden Doubloon in their mailbox each day they log in for this event’s two-week duration. Be sure to log out at least once per 24-hour period, even briefly, to ensure that you're recognized as being logged in for that day, and that you receive your coin.

Summer Connection

With the theme park having moved on, it's time to change up our Connection Rewards . You aren’t going to get quite as many Karon Bell Fragments, Gniar’s Stolen Scrolls, or Z Coins from a full day’s worth of play rewards, but you’ll now receive a much, much wider variety of items, useful for players new and old.  And your 1500% EXP scrolls are still here.

Arcadia Burning

The armies of Karon are mounting a renewed assault on the heavenly realm of Arcadia, more determined than ever to corrupt it beyond recognition. With the demonic hordes sounding their rallying cry, so too are the strongest of Dekaron called to halt the infernal advance.

Everything washed in a thin orange haze

Arcadia needs heroes, not rank amateurs. For the Arcadia Burning event, an additional map will be available, identical to Polluted Arcadia, except that entry will be restricted to characters of level 196 or higher.

If you’re making that final push to 200, and can’t be bothered to compete with the small fry for prime farming spots, this is your chance to train uninterrupted.

Aria’s Epiphany

Aria's not been hurting for customers during the Tears/Fang/Horn Upgrade Boost, but even with that event concluding this week, Ardeca’s resident jeweler still has a few tricks in her toolkit.

I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful"

While your chances at upgrading your Karon’s Fang or Devil’s Horn aren’t getting boosted right now, you only need to pay half the price to upgrade your Mitera’s Tears. Even better, all upgrades to Mitera’s Tears have a 100% success rate. As always, Aria is handing out Mitera’s Blurry Tears, free of charge.

The materials needed to upgrade your Deka Line Ring have all been reduced, by as much as half. The ring’s first stage can still be obtained from Karin. 

And Aria is discounting the cost of all upgrade attempts for your New Moon Earrings by 10%, up to Full Moon Star Earrings, and slightly boosting the upgrade success rate, too. The earrings are an occasional reward from Dead Front and Ice Castle battles.

Dekaron Fisherman

Our players have put such effort into completing the Dekaron Fisherman’s quests, that we’ve asked him to stick around for just one more week. The incredible rarity of the items he’s asking for probably also had something to do with it. 

"These are truly the last days"

The Big Fish Package is still around, and you can see what else is in the DShop this week on our Sales Post.

​Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron