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Helpyron Heatwave

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jun 25, 2020 3,099

Salutations, Dekaron!

The anniversary celebration has only just begun, and big things are always in the works. But between major events, we’re acknowledging the beginning of Summer with a couple of new events for this week.

Helpyron isn’t just the brand name for some of the more stylish equipment; he’s a pit-spawned engine of destruction who spearheads Karon’s invasion into Mitera’s Forgotten Underground Temple

Also likes a hug

High Priest Tora outside the Temple of Siz is offering additional incentives to take the fight to Helpyron himself, in the form of a new reward package. 

You can take up Tora’s quest each day for a one-billion-point experience reward, and a chance at one of the prizes in the Dirt-Stained Pouch.

The Bishop and Baron have been hoarding treasures of their own, and will each give up newly-refurbished versions of the Secret Stash when felled. No Cozy Gifts to be found this time, but hopefully your Temple runs will feel a little more worthwhile.

The quest and stashes within the Forgotten Underground Temple are scheduled to last two weeks.

Back in Ardeca, Jack has contacted a new supplier, and furnished his catalogue of exotic wares with a supply of Reset Gems. Using one of these gems will remove all stat points that you’ve invested into the corresponding stat, allowing you to redistribute them as you see fit. All characters receive a complementary reset of all of their stats, but if you’ve already used yours and again need to adjust yours, and the DShop isn’t an option, Jack can spot you for now.

He still won't tell us where he gets those stunning cosmetics, though

Tradable versions of these gems are available, for a premium, if you’re in an enterprising mood.

Jack’s gem supply is limited, and he’ll only be selling Reset Gems for the next three weeks. You might want to stock up.

We’re pleased to announce that Siege has (provisionally) come to Helion! As soon as the server is back online, eligible guilds (those who have already selected a guild mark, have 30 or more members, and have reached level 3 or higher) will be able to register with Leonhart and enter Hell’s Abyss in Deneb. The first three guilds to complete the Seal Ritual and report back to Leonhart will then have the right to compete in Siege this weekend for control of Zenoa Castle.  (Genoa? Jenoa? Pajama?)

No guilds currently have a claim on Zenoa, so the only competition will be whatever guards are left over, and the attacking guilds. (This is an unusual situation, so we’ll be monitoring the situation closely, and making adjustments on the back end if necessary. Please bear with us for this week.) Once we've confirmed that Siege is working fine on Helion, we'll activate it on Trieste next week.

Once a guild has claimed victory in Siege, they’ll have two weeks to prepare their defenses. Then the next Siege battle begins, and they’ll be facing off against three more guilds with designs on taking Zenoa for themselves.

The 15th Anniversary Wings Lucky Box can now be purchased in bulk. At this price, it’s like buying nine and getting the tenth for free.

The current offer for Arcadia’s Protection is being set aside for the new Arcadia's Protection 6 Hours (50x). This works out to three times as many hours as the old box, for only a little more than twice the price.

Sick of it? Imagine how your character feels.

The 6 hour Arcadia’s Protection is more cooperative when it comes to stacking the buff duration, than the 1 hour version which has the nasty habit of negating existing buff time. We STRONGLY suggest that you use up ALL of your existing 1 hour Arcadia’s Protection items, before moving on to the new 6 hour ones. The two do not get along with each other.

Fish is back on the menu, thanks to the Dekaron Fisherman and his tasks. Completing them is quite the ordeal, though, so the Big Fish Package combines one week of the DShop’s best fishing rod, with a permanent helmet gem that will increase your fishing success rate by 2%.

All of this week’s DShop new offers will be available for at least two weeks.

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

500% Strengthened Veteran 7days Ex-Box received in exchange for Papaya Anniversary Tokens should no longer vanish when switching servers or channels.

EXP Scroll 1500% received from Connection Rewards and the DShop now stack, up to 999.

15th Anniversary Park Tickets received from connection rewards should now last the full hour, instead of spontaneously vanishing sooner.

Connection Rewards Z Coins have been changed to Kakao.

​Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron