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Dragon Horde

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jun 4, 2020 2,896

Greetings, Dekaron!

The final checks are completed, and we’re happy to announce the winners of the Helion Launch levelling race. The players from each class who managed to collect the most experience points over the course of the event will all receive the coveted First Lvl.200 Reach Emblem. We know that not every class had someone hit the big number, but you’re all still winners in our books, so enjoy your reward.

Please be advised that these figures are provided for player information only. In the event of discrepancy, our own database will take precedence.

The next four runners-up from each class will each receive 15 Transcendent Rank Up Coins, and those members of each class who managed to achieve 6th to 10th place will each receive 10 Transcendental Rank Up Coin (binded).

We were amazed by the sheer dedication that our players put into this competition. Even if you didn’t place as high as you’ve hoped, all of us at Team Dekaron salute you for taking on the challenge.

As most of you have already figured out, there was an unannounced fix a few weeks back to the long-standing double spawn glitch in Dragon’s Nest.

This glitch had been around long enough that it’s basically the default method of running the dungeon now. However, we want the approach to dungeons to be straightforward, with the challenge to come from the encounters themselves, rather than in unintended workarounds.

Unfortunately the fix did not fully resolve the issue, and our intent was put it on hold until another week, which is why it was not announced. Somehow the fix made its way on to live,  and the glitch was fully resolved at some point.

Since this wasn’t a popular change, we’re looking into ways to provide the challenge and rewards of the “Double Dragons” using existing, conventional game mechanics. In the meantime, we hope that we can make up for the miscommunication by boosting some of the dungeon’s drops.

  • For the next two weeks, Soul Beads will appear three times more often from Oread and Illipia, and twice as often from Ptach and Rubisin’s human form.
  • Illipia, Ptach, and Rubisin’s dragon form will drop more Argates.
  • Rubisin’s dragon form will also drop more Mitera’s Ghost and Seed of Dreams, and will give up the elusive Gold Dragon Weapon Box much more frequently (but still rarely).

​New characters will now start play in the guard tower outside Ardeca, and have the option to run a brief tutorial upon entering the world.

After some impromptu math lessons, Arcadia Messenger will now accept larger quantities of Arcadia Coin: Wing for stacks of ten or one hundred of the old tokens.

If you are not impressed with your Delicate Karon’s Fang and wish to change it back into Mitera’s Bright Tears, Aria can now do that for you, for the modest fee of 20,000,000 DIL.

The Helion Heat Wave enters its final week. Helion will receive a 700% experience​ bonus. Trieste's experience remains at its 300% level.

The 30 Days of Almighty Package is being removed from the DShop this week. Not for lack of popularity, but because it is being upgraded into the 30 Days of Almighty Package 2, which replaces the 30 day Recovery Rune for a 30 day Treasure Hunter Rune

If you thought that our package couldn’t get any mightier, well, you thought wrong.

We’re also having another sale on keys, with the Trieste Golden Key 20x Package available at a discount.

Both of these offers will be available for the next two weeks.

Last week’s offers, the 30-Day Rune Package I and Grand Meister Skillbook Boost Pack, were popular enough to be moved to the permanent section of the DShop.

Bug Fixes:

  • My Tiny Treasure Chest now contains properly named and permanent Wings of Fate for Black Wizards and Half Bagi.
  • Lv.150 Dragon Weapon Box now contains, appropriately, a weapon for Dragon Knights.
  • Players of level 100 to 129 should again be able to sign up for Duke difficulty in Dead Front.
  • Platinum Bullion now correctly states on its tooltip that it can be exchanged with Sinan for 100,000,000 DIL.
  • Multiple items, dialogues, and monsters with mistyped and/or untranslated names have been corrected.

​See you in Trieste!
Team Dekaron