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Double Drops

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Apr 16, 2020 3,654

Salutations, Dekaron!

All of us here have been overwhelmed and heartened by the incredible enthusiasm that’s been shown for Helion. In fact, it exceeded our expectations so much, that we were caught off-guard and experienced some server issues over the week. Our support team has been working nonstop on keeping Helion online, stable,and secure, and we’re grateful to our players who have shown us patience and understanding, while we at Dekaron: Global undertook our first server launch.

As a show of thanks to our players for the positive reception we received at launch, and for sticking with us through a rocky weekend, we’ll be doubling all item drop rates for the next week, for both servers. It feels like the least we can do for such a passionate community.

Helion's experience bonus goes up to 500% this week. But Trieste remains active, so we're letting our original server know that you aren't forgotten, with a 300% experience bonus.

Our players will notice some changes in Connection Reward bonuses and key item requirements for this coming week. Key items have been changed from fish to things you’re more likely to find while out adventuring at all levels. The rewards are being altered too, so you’ll be getting stuff that’s more suited to the new server's economy.

What are those Karon Bell Fragments all about? They may be winter-themed, but the Karon Bell Emblem I, that all characters can receive from Aria in Trieste, never goes out of season. Monsters in Mitera and Arcadia will be dropping Karon Bell Fragments for the next week, and they can be used by Aria to upgrade the emblem, as many as four times.

Anyone can unlock the higher levels of the Karon Bell Emblem with enough legwork, but if you just can’t wait, then you can take your chances with the Karonbell Lucky Box which will be in the DShop for the next two weeks. Each box contains anywhere from 8 to 3000 Karon Bell Fragments, or one of two useful buff items.

The box is available in packs of one or ten, and in a bulk discount which is like buying four and getting the fifth for free.

Bug Fixes:

  • New World Package I & II should now contain the correct numbers of Pumpkin Rune Lucky Boxes and Blessing of Gnire Random Boxes. Players who have already purchased these items should have received the missing contents.
  • In order to prevent an issue where the Arcadia’s Protection in player start packages would lose their remaining duration when stacks were split, you can no longer split stacks of duration items.
  • Temporarily removed Death Corridor Argate Random Box trade-in as it was being exploited. A more equitable solution will be implemented at a later date.
  • Due to some complications with the code, random boxes will not be broadcasting rare rewards for the time being.

​Once again, our deepest thanks to our players, for the incredible reception that Helion has received. See you out there!

Team Dekaron