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Helion Launch - Patch Notes

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Apr 7, 2020 6,680

Helion has arrived! With Dekaron’s new server, players now have the chance to start anew in a fresh world, bringing from Trieste only their knowledge and skills.

In celebration of Helion’s launch, we have a big Launch Event running from launch day April 10th, all the way to May 7th.

There will be a 400% experience bonus on Helion for the first week (April 10th – 16th). We’re turning that up to 500% for the next week (April 17th-23rd), then 600% (April 24th-30th),  and finishing off at an unprecedented 700% for the final week (May 1st-7th).

Trieste will be getting some love too, with a 200% experience bonus for the week of April 10th to April 16th, and 300% for the remainder of the event, until May 7th. 

The first three characters on each account created on Helion during the event period will receive an all-new starting package, making those initial levels much faster, easier, and more convenient.

That should be enough to get you to 180, at which point your eligible characters will be able to open the Jumping Package they'll receive on creation, which is the same package as you’ve seen in previous events.

As an added incentive, there will be daily giveaways for everyone who logs in to Helion and checks their mail over the course of the event. Each account's highest-level character on Helion will receive that day's prize in their mailbox.

In cases of multiple characters at the same highest level, the character created earliest will receive the prize.

There are 18 prizes in all, and each day you log in will award you the next item on the list, starting from Day 1. You have nearly a month, so you should be able to log in on 18 different days, with time to spare for missed days. 

If this is overly complicated, just make sure you log in on as many days as you can before May 7th, and check your mail with your highest-level character on Helion. Do this and you'll receive the entire prize list.

We’ve got even more prizes in mind for the top players.

The first character of each class to reach level 200 will be awarded a rare and exclusive emblem. The stats are nice (until you find something better), but the lovely flame effect from this one-of-a-kind item will be a timeless reminder that you’re a winner.

The next 4 characters from each class to reach 200, or who have the most experience points by May 7th, will each receive fifteen Transcendent Rank Up Coins. These coins are tradable, so you can either use them yourself, or sell them to someone who’s willing to pay top DIL. Or top Grace.

The next 5 characters from each class whose experience totals are highest or who reach 200 before the event ends will each receive ten Transcendent Rank Up Coins (binded).

There will be another prize giveaway for the 100 players who obtain the most DK Square Grade Points by May 7th.

All prizes for top players, level and rank, will be awarded after the event's conclusion on May 7th.

For returning players who are intrigued by the buzz about Helion but have decided they’d rather stick with what they've built on Trieste, we’re offering a Back To Trieste Package

Trieste characters whose level is 140 or higher, on accounts who haven’t logged in to the Dekaron client since March 13th 2020, will receive this package in the mail if they log in to Trieste during the event period.

This giveaway will end at the same time as the Helion launch event, on May 7th.

We’ve obviously focused most of our efforts on Helion this week, but if you’d prefer to stay on Trieste, or if you’re planning on hitting the higher-end dungeons VERY quickly, we’re running an encore of the Dungeon Drive for the next two weeks, on both servers. Secret Stashes will be once again appearing in Karon’s Fire Pot and Ruins of Baz, so if you were a couple of Cozy Gifts short of the prize you wanted, now’s your chance. 

And you’d better be quick, because the indicated items are still temporary! However, we're extending the deletion date on the Cozy Gifts from April 30th to May 14th, since there will be Cozy Gifts given away as part of the Helion launch daily giveaway. This might not be reflected in the item's text, but we'll make sure that you have time to put those ten gifts together. You certainly put enough work into collecting them.

The chances of Cozy Gifts dropping from stashes has been roughly doubled, overall. That’s still not a huge percentage, but you stand a good chance of collecting ten if you go hard over the next two weeks.

It wouldn’t be a weekly update without new DShop offers, would it? Players on either Trieste or Helion will have the option of the We All Beginners and New World Packages aimed at smoothing out the leveling process, plus a gacha value package, which can pay off at any level.

With these new offers, and the end of the Jump event, Jump Package Ace and Jump Package Casual are being removed from the DShop. But due to strong ongoing sales, we’re adding the following items as permanent DShop offers.

​It seems that the Tricky Cereal Box was even trickier than any of us could have known, and caused a fair bit of confusion. As such, rather than try to salvage what has turned out to be a contentious item, we are just removing it from the DShop, and we will introduce another similar item at our first opportunity.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some quests were being displayed in NPC dialogue for characters whose level was not high enough for them. These quests will no longer be visible until your character has attained a sufficient level to accept them.
  • Critical Hit Resistance Stone 8% from Trieste's Platinum Treasure Box was unable to be socketed. We have replaced the box reward with a working version. Existing non-working versions of the stone should now be socketable.
  • Earlier this week, we implemented an emergency fix for Desacato only charging 20 Gniar's Stolen Scroll for the Movement Skill Box. The quest text now correctly states that it only requires 20 scrolls, and movement skill books will disassemble into 5 scrolls each.
  • The name of your character's server, Trieste or Helion, will now correctly display next to your name while in DK maps.

We've put a lot of time and effort into this launch, and we're hoping our players receive just as much joy and satisfaction from it.

See you in Trieste (or Helion)!

Team Dekaron


Our new Dekaron server, named Helion, is intended to give players the opportunity to participate in Dekaron with in a fresh economy and an even playing field.

Fresh Characters – You’ll need to create a new character to play on Helion – characters are specific to each server, Helion and Trieste, and cannot be transferred between them. You’ll have a maximum of 14 characters per server, so there is no need to worry if you’re already at the maximum number of characters on Trieste.

Fresh EconomyYou won’t be able to transfer items between servers via mail, shared stash, or any other method. While the Dekaron community has created a remarkable player-driven economy, it can be a bit overwhelming at times, and we’d like to give players the chance to get their foot in the door early on.

Same World – Helion will run on the same client as Trieste, and both servers will continue to receive the same updates. Helion will have 3 channels to choose from, just like Trieste (including a non-PK option). All you’ll need to do to access Helion, when it launches on April 10th, is to select it when you log in. Either server may receive global EXP and drop bonuses individually, but they otherwise function identically, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Same Account – Your existing Dekaron account is all you need to be ready for the launch of Helion, and your DKC total is shared among your characters on both worlds. The Shared Stash DShop purchase, although it states that it applies to your entire account, will need to be purchased separately to be accessible by your characters on Helion, and your Helion characters will have their own shared stash.

Because both servers use the same account database, permanently suspended accounts will not be able to access Helion.

A New Start – A new starting package will be provided for characters on Helion, with some starter gear and quality-of-life perks to provide an early boost.

No Crossover… At First – On launch, both Trieste and Helion will maintain their own DK channels, since there is going to be a significant power imbalance between both populations. Once the Helion player population finds its footing and gets geared up, we’ll consider a single DK channel for both.