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April Update

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Apr 1, 2020 3,669

Hello, Dekaron! It’s a relatively small patch this week, as we have been busy preparing for the launch of our new server, Helion. But we still have some modest surprises in store.

With spring upon us, the splendors of the natural world have never looked more welcoming. Which makes being stuck inside that much worse! So why not vent your anger constructively, by having at your fellow players in the DK Square?

Grade Points are nice and all, but there’s something to be said for more tangible rewards. So Karin is offering a new quest for the next two weeks, and all you need to do is sign up for DK Square and kill one member of the opposing team. Simple! When you do, she’ll reward you with an Unlucky Egg. Why’s it unlucky? Because it obviously didn’t do the other team any good. Crack it open to see which of several spendable (and possibly tradable) prizes await inside.

You can repeat the quest once per day. In addition, we'll be keeping track of how many player kills each player gets in DK Square, and giving out bonus eggs based on performance before next week's update. So get out there, and rack 'em up!

The DK Square hour restrictions will remain lifted for the week – it’ll be open 24/7. You’ll only need six players to begin a match, too.

We’re making an extra effort to ensure that DK Square is a fun - and fair - experience for our players. Please let us know, by support ticket, forum post, or otherwise, if you spot anyone in DK Square who shouldn’t be there.

Nature is in full bloom, but there’s nothing natural about the all preservatives and dyes in this week’s DShop offer: the Tricky Cereal Box

But it's never really about the cereal, but the prize inside! The box features a series of buff scrolls (which you can either trade with friends, or even cast on them), crests, socket stones, and the always-popular 3-day Infinite Dragonic Perpetuus

If you’re stocking up on non-perishables in anticipation of a long isolation period, you can save by purchasing in bulk.

Despite what you may have heard, Tricky Cereal is not exclusively for children. If you purchase this cereal, there will be no trouble.

The Forgotten Stashes and Secret Stashes have all been looted, so this week’s update ends our Dungeon Drive event. Any items from stashes which bear expiration dates will remain with you until the given date.

We’d like to thank all of our players who participated in what turned out to be a very popular event. We can’t say for certain if or when the Dungeon Drive will return, but we’ll definitely be keeping it in mind when designing future events. 

See you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron