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HELION is Coming!

{{ locale_com.common_news_notice }} Mar 31, 2020 13,360


Before we start this announcement, we want to recognise the stress and uncertainty we’ve all been under in this difficult time, and to send our best wishes to you and your loved ones. It’s our honest hope that the service we provide helps you stay refreshed, positive, and motivated.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide both new content, and new perspectives on existing content, we are opening a fresh server on April 10th, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to experience the game anew, from the very beginning.

The name of this new server will be Helion, after one of twelve deities of the Incar in Dekaron lore, and also the name one of the classic 2Moons servers.

Though we are excited about this new project, we have no intention of scaling back content updates or support for the existing server, Trieste. Everything you’ve collected and achieved will remain available, and updates will continue.

While Helion may at first feel like a look backwards, we believe that our players can create something incredible when given a new opportunity.

See you in Helion.

Our new Dekaron server, named Helion, is intended to give players the opportunity to participate in Dekaron with a fresh economy and an even playing field.

More about Helion:

Fresh Characters – You’ll need to create a new character to play on Helion – characters are specific to each server, Helion and Trieste, and cannot be transferred between them. You’ll have a maximum of 14 characters per server, so there's no need to worry if you’re already at the maximum number of characters on Trieste.

Fresh EconomyYou won’t be able to transfer items between servers at all, not via mail, shared stash, or any other method. While the Dekaron community has created a remarkable player-driven economy, it can be a bit overwhelming at times, and we’d like to give players the chance to get their foot in the door early on.

Same World – Helion will run on the same client as Trieste, and both servers will receive the same updates. Helion will have 3 channels to choose from, just like Trieste (including a non-PK option). All you’ll need to do to access Helion, when it launches on April 10th, is to select it when you log in. Either server may receive global EXP and drop bonuses individually, but they otherwise function identically, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Same Account – Your existing Dekaron account is all you need to be ready for the launch of Helion, and your DKC total is shared among your characters on both worlds. The Shared Stash DShop purchase, although it states that it applies to your entire account, will need to be purchased separately to be accessible by your characters on Helion, and your Helion characters will have their own shared stash.

Because both servers use the same account database, permanently suspended accounts will not be able to access Helion.

A New Start – A new starting package will be provided for characters on Helion, with some starter gear and quality-of-life perks to provide an early boost.

No Crossover… At First – On launch, both Trieste and Helion will maintain their own DK channels, since there is going to be a significant power imbalance between both populations. Once the Helion player population finds its footing and gets geared up, we’ll consider a single DK channel for both.

We expect that characters on Helion will reach high levels relatively quickly, so we’ll still be able to design and implement content which appeals to both servers. We’re eagerly looking forward to this project, and to seeing what kind of new economy and strategies our players devise. And we hope that all you will give Helion a try, even if you later decide that you prefer to stick with Trieste.

See you in Helion!