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Blood and Plunder

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Mar 26, 2020 3,606

Greetings, Dekaron! This week continues our trend of adding life to classic content, with new daily quests for expedition content. Quests are available for both Karon’s Expedition and Nest of Cherubim, which offer generous experience rewards for taking down their respective final encounters.

Pashu in Morese Yawalai is entreating Dekarons to take down Ephrai in Nest of Cherubim, and rewarding 250 million Experience Points and 25,000 Adventure Points for doing so. The drops from the dungeon’s final encounter are being boosted, and can now include, among other things, Karon Bell Fragments (Bind), Grand Meister skills, 10% Weapon Socket Stones, Independent Necklace, and Moonlight Wings.

Kashu in the Qualines is offering a similar charge to brave souls who set forth with an expedition and destroy Hell Harold in Karon’s Expedition, to the tune of 200 million Experience Points and 15,000 Adventure Points. He will still include a Submerged Sailor’s Ring, too. Hell Harold is carrying new treasures, including Faded Pirate’s Coins which Aria can use to upgrade the Majestic Amber Earring into its new Coral and Garnet stages. You also have a chance of finding All Defense 73, Sardonyx 30, Medial 189,  Guard Bijou 89, and more.

Once Ephrai has been dispatched in Nest of Cherubim, Rezeena will reward you with a Torn Wing of Cherubim when they help you leave the dungeon. You can give this wing to Pashu, along with with 100 Naruke, and you'll receive, randomly, 1 to 10 Cherubim's Rage Runes. Unlike other runes, these are consumed when they are triggered. But you'll receive about about 28 million Experience Points for it.

Pashu has another reward for players who undertake a daily quest to players who take down both Cherubim, and Extremely Furious Talos in Karon’s Expedition. If you can manage both, you'll receive 200 million Experience Points and one DK Coin.

Our Dungeon Drive is still in effect this week, with Secret Stashes showing up in Forgotten Underground Temple and Ruins of Baz. You’ll be able to find Forgotten Stashes in Sacred Claw for the week, too.

To clear up some confusion, “Drop Set Probability” means that one item chosen from the 100% set will drop from every chest, and one item from the other sets will drop according to the set’s probability. For example, Secret Stashes will always contain one item from the top 100% set, and 10% of the time they will contain one random item from the bottom set, too.

As a reminder, you can combine ten Cozy Gifts to receive your choice of the listed prizes. The items marked as Temporary will be removed on April 30th.

Unfortunately, the final encounters in Ruins of Baz and Forgotten Underground Temple are still rudely stealing the items from their stashes, leaving only empty boxes. Thankfully, these bosses already have better treasure than their underlings, but we're still trying to get them sorted out.

We’re changing the contents of Trieste’s Platinum Treasure Box again, to shore up some gaps in attainable items (Condensed Copper Argates, to be specific), as well as adding a tradable Critical Hit Resistance Stone 8%. No more trade scams!

Our Golden Key 30-pack offer is being removed from the DShop , but we’re adding another deal for the Trieste Golden Key 20x Package, which is still a savings over the standard price of keys. 

New this week is the Upgraded New Type Witch Costume Random Box, containing a costume crest, or one of the four varieties of Witch costume.

If you're still taking cracks at the Cosmic Egg, you can now buy in bulk, too. This offer works out to ten eggs, for the price of nine.

Gniar's Stolen Scroll now correctly instructs you to trade it with Desacato in Mitera.

Stay safe and responsible, and see you in Trieste!

​Team Dekaron