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New Connection Bonus

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Dec 2, 2019 3,745

Hello Dekaronians,

Arcadia West summons new monsters

New area & new monsters have been added to Arcadia’s West.
 Conquerer of Annihilation, Corrupt Phoenix Member

6-Tier Connection Bonus

1) Playtime Reward

2) Monster Hunting Reward

3) Collect & Win Event 

Karon’s Transport Ship Revamp

Karon’s Transport Ship(Fresh) dungeon is available now. 

Also, you can upgrade Fallen Sailor's Ring with Shining Kardia from crafting system. 

<Fallen Sailor's Ring Stats>

<Upgraded Fallen Sailor's Ring Stats>

You can obtain Shining Kardia from Karon’s Transport Ship(Renewal) dungeon.

New Sale

The Black Friday Sale ended but the packages are being combined into the new December Package!

This offer is valid until December 12th

Also due to popular demand, we decided to keep Trieste Golden Key price low for one more week.


Bug Fix & Update

-Frozen Tantanbo event has been expired.

-Skill text error fixed

-[Exchange] Ice Dust issue on NPC Jack fixed

Thank you,

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