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The Greatest Fisherman

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Nov 28, 2019 5,500

Hello Dekaronians, 

We’ve entered to the Winter and we’re starting a series of winter updates with Fishing. 

The new catch list is below:

Piranha's Bone and Broken Dragon’s Scales can be used to upgrade Gold Dragon Scale Belt to Strengthened Ignis/Aquanic/Darkness Belt with 100% success rate at NPC Aria

You can get Gold Dragon Scale Belt from NPC Sotizius in Dravice Town

[Strengthened Belts Information]

New Quests

There are new 2 daily quests, 2 repetitive quests, and 5 other craft/exchange quests available at NPC Rodbal and Bilardo in Ardeca 

You need the following items from the fishing to get the materials for upgrading the belts and Fisherman's Big Fish Fishing Rod(Perm) 
Hungry Piranah, Cinnamon, Fisherman's Hat Costume, Broken Rodolite Fragment

1) Learn the fishing skill from
2) Get the fishing rod
    Available fishing rod:
       >Fisherman’s Big Fish Fishing Rod: NPC Bilardo or D-Shop
       >Duron Fishing Rod: Crafting-Common
       >Premium Auto Righing Rod: D-Shop

3) Go to Ardeca’s fishing pond near NPC Rodbal & Bilardo and press “L” key then click on the water.

You can find more details in-game:

Other Changes
- You can only do fishing in Ardeca (Draco Desert and Avalon Island is no longer available.)
- Nibbler / Bamboo / Seagull / Red Lava/ Blue Bear Fishing Rod won’t be used anymore and you can exchange them with Obsidian in Crafting (if you have 120 obsidians you can get the new Duron Fishing Rod)

- Fishing Master level changed from 4 to 1

Trieste Platinum & Gold Box Update

The Trieste boxes are equipped with more offensive stones and unique pets.
Also success rates of S & A rank prizes have been increased up to 2x!

All contents are tradeable except for:

(Platinum Box)

Brand Option Lock, Z Coin, Wedding Ring, Health All Defence 73, Health Sardonyx 30, Immortality Jade Bracelet Box

(Gold Box)

Reinforced Scroll Red, Reinforced Scroll Silver, Platinum HP Potion (8000 HP), Platinum MP Potion (8000 MP), Hot Plier

Guardian's Wings is available from both boxes.

Black Friday Sale
Save up to 13,050 DKC per each purchase of the following items on this Black Friday!
The offer ends on December 5th.

-Trieste Golden Key 30x Package: 3000 DKC -> 1185 DKC (Save 1815 DKC)
-Brand Option Lock 30x Package: 1185 DKC (Save 7,785 DKC)
-Grand Meister Skill Book: 1000 DKC -> 750 DKC (Save 250 DKC)
-Arcadia’s Protection 30x Package: 3600 DKC -> 500 DKC (Save 3100 DKC)
-EXP Scroll Lucky Box: 190 DKC -> 90 DKC (Save 100 DKC per each / 52% OFF)

*New Enhanced Hero Costume Random Box has been moved to Costume Tab in D-Shop
*(All Socketed) Pet Lucky Box has been moved to Pet Tab in D-Shop

See you in-game!

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