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Tantanbo Hunting

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Nov 17, 2019 2,893

We’re in the Winter!

While everyone is looking forward to the holiday season in December, we wrapped up an event nicely with the new “Frozen Tantanbo” 

Frozen Tantanbo appears from all monsters in the fields at a low rate and you get one of the followings:

-    Condensed Argate Lucky Box
-    Seed of Dream 5x
-    Tantanbo Hunting Box

[Tantanbo Hunting Box]

Bonus rewards from Tantanbo:
-    Treasure Hunter Rune 7D
-    Pumpkin Rune Lucky Box
-    Trieste Platinum Box

New in the Trieste Platinum Box:
-    Pegasus obtain rate increase by 100%
-    Wings of the Ruler Fragment – Removed
-    Accessory Material Random Box & Premium Seed of Dreams Random Box – Added

In-game Shop update:
Except the following 8 items, all other items are removed or moved to Item-Growth OR Premium tabs for better presentation of HOT items.

Moved to the Item-Growth tab:
-    Retro Rune 3x Package
-    Enhanced Veteran Battle 700% 7D
-    Pumpkin Rune Lucky Box
-    Premium Holy Water of Almighty 30 Days
-    Gniar's Secret Document (10EA)
-    Arcadia's Protection x 20 Box

Moved to the Item-Premium tab:
-    Ballon d'or 5 (20EA)
-    Battle Support Package

New Items in the Shop:
1.    All-in-one Brand Lucky Box

2.    Undo’s Krystal Game: Removed unpopular items from the previous version (Qune’s Krystal Game) and added the following:

a.    Wing Jewel Lucky Box
b.    Helion Weapon Random Box
c.    Weapon Enhancement Package

Bug Fix

- NPC Karin's [Event] Karin Candy and Chocolate exchange fixed!

Thank you and see you in-game!

Team Papaya Play

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