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Return of The Ruler

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Nov 13, 2019 3,298

Hello Dekaronians,

The Wings of The Ruler exchange event is back.
Dekaron now has the legendary piece of the Ruler and they are available to selected Dekaronians who have successfully collected the required materials.

1. Wings of The Ruler Fragment 9999x
- Available in Collect Material Event (It will be updated soon)
- Gold & Platinum Boxes
- D-Shop (The Ruler's Lucky Box)

2. Death Moonstone 10x
- Available to exchange with Seed of Dreams from NPC Jack in Ardeca or Platinum Boxes

3. Seed of Dream 200x
- Available in all fields or New Seed of Dream Random Box in D-Shop

4. Dragon Soul 2000x
- Available from NPC Eva Rina's quest in Valley Rift or Ballon d’or 5 in D-Shop

Abilities of the Wings are:

Also, you can try to get Wings of The Ruler Ex-Box from Wing Jewel Lucky Box in D-Shop

Qune's Earring Upgrade 

You can craft Moonstone Gemstone & Refined Steel at NPC Maximus now. (The probability of success is random.)

New Qune's Protection Title

You can get the below titles from the Abandoned Qune's Temple enterance.

New Qune's Title Exchange Ticket is available from the Abandoned Qune's Temple dungeon.

We appreciate your continued support and enjoy Dekaron!

Team Dekaron​

Dekaron Global Discord Link: