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Qune and Undo Patch Notes & Event Details

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Nov 2, 2019 7,288

Abandoned Qune’s Temple

The new dungeon calls for new parties from Shangri-la (248:136).
This is the most difficult challenge give to Dekaronians so far. You must be over Level 195 and be in a party of at least 3 members.
The entrance fee is 2,000,000 DIL.

Inside Dungeon
After the waiting time, you’ll see the monsters you must clear. Enter Temple Reception to kill all monsters there then you’ll be able to proceed to the next area. 

The boss monster will be summoned in Qune’s Plaza. 

After killing the boss, you’ll be led to [Polluted Garden] and [Broken Corridor].
The Chapel is only accessible once you destroy Seal Stones hidden in [Polluted Garden] and [Broken Corridor]. And once you enter the Chapel, you cannot go back to the plaza. 

If you clear both [Polluted Garden] and [Broken Corridor], you’ll get the additional chance to earn more rewards.

Reward List

Mini Boss Drop Item
•    Adamantium / Heavenly Energy / Naruke / 9% Weapon Socket Stone / Condensed Argate / Grand Meister Skillbook Random Box / Upgraded Fate of Growth Wings Ex-Box

Boss Drop Item (Silenos)
•    Adamantium / Heavenly Energy / Brand Option Lock / Disassemble Hammer / Helion’s Weapon / Arcadia Wings Ex-Box / Blocking Bijou 60 / Guard Bijou 99 / Defeat Bijou 1% / Grand Meister Skillbook Random Box / Shiny Polish / EXP Coin (Blue Knight / Knight / Guard Knight)

Hidden Rewards (from Hidden Silenos’ Treasure Box)
•    Death Moon Stone Piece / Helion’s Weapon Ex-Box / Grand Meister Skillbook Ex-Box / Shiny Polish

Qune’s Earring – How to Upgrade

Find NPC Aria to upgrade your new earring!

You can obtain Pale Moon Stone from the NPC Percanni in Mitera

Qune’s Earring – How to Get Upgrade Materials

Undo Mazokie’s Training Field

There’s a new dungeon opened in Space of Pilgrimage (473:26).
You can enter here alone without any party if your level is 180 or higher.
•    Maximum # of Entrance: 4 per day.
•    Entrance Fee: 1st (200,000 DIL), 2nd (300,000 DIL), 3rd (400,000 DIL), 4th (Super Pass 2x)

Inside Dungeon
After the waiting time ends, you’ll see monsters being summoned. Clear all monsters and select [Move to next area] from Reezena. You’ll be move to one of the following rooms randomly.
•    Room of Trial
•    Room of Heat Wave
•    Room of Blizzard
•    Room of Darkness
•    Room of Training
•    Room of Treasure
Your mission completes when you kill Undo Mazokie in the room you’re led to.
*If you get the chance to enter Room of Treasure, you’ll find Undo Mazokie’s Treasure Box instead of Undo Mazokie itself. And of course, this box guarantees you stronger rewards than any other one from the dungeon.

Reward List
Random Drops from Undo Mazokie:
•    Condensed Copper/Silver/Gold Argate
•    8% Socket Stone Random Box / 9% Socket Stone Random Box / Critical 8% Socket Stone Random Box
•    Helpyron Weapon Ex-Box / Helpyron Armor Ex-Box

From Undo Mazokie’s Treasure Box:
•    Condensed Copper/Silver/Gold Argate
•    Ardeca Socket Stone 3%/ Sadonix 15 / Sadonix 25 / All Defense 61 / All Defense 67 / Medial 67 / Medial 123 / Medial 159 / Medial 189
•    Helpyron Weapon +7 Ex-Box / Helpyron Bracelet +7 Ex-Box / Helpyron Belt +7 Ex-Box

*Helpyron Weapon/ Armor / Belt / Bracelet Ex-Box: You can select 1 item from the box.

New Events with Two New Dungeons

1) Winter Attendance
The new attendance event gives out a check-in coin that you can use for exchanges of Undo Mazokie Trial Box. The box contains good listings of EXP & Upgrade Items.
Each box provides you one of two content at random:

2) Master Wedding Ring Upgrade
Throughout recent balance patches, Master Wedding Ring has gone through a couple of changes in its stats. One of them is Cancel Abnormal Condition Resistance. And developers and we have agreed to the next action plan on releasing new items to balance out the current Abnormal Condition Resistance in-game.

Therefore, we’ve reverted the Master Wedding Ring’s stats to before July but added Cooldown Res +2% to it.

Also we’ll offer a free upgrade event of Master Wedding Ring for a limited time (4 weeks).
During this time, you can upgrade it to Flawless Wedding Ring at NPC Ishtar’s [Event] Dragon Soul Exchange Shop.

The Flawless Wedding Ring’s stats are like the following:

Guideline for extending Branding Options
The max values of brand options applicable to the item has been increased
The options that are applicable for brand option are added as shown below.
   - PVP Attack / Cancel Abnormal Res %

※ Depending on the level of the item applied, the max values or the option applied will vary
※ Depending on the max values extension, the text color of the current option may be different.

*A remarkable deal of Brand Option Lock 30x Pack is available in Web Shop!

New Releases in D-Shop

Krystal Game has been upgraded in this Qune’s version with top 5 buff (mainly on defense) items and outdated items removed. 

Do you want to boost your abilities instantly?
Here’s the Retro Rune 3x Packages containing the following items 

Also the new Wing Jewel Box is released with Wings of the Ruler content. You’ll get one of the followings:

Thank you and see you in Ardeca.