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Game of Karin

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Oct 31, 2019 3,259

Hello Dekaronians,

Now it's time for Karin again. 

Karin has bought the ownership of Halloween Candy & Chocolate, and changed their names to "Karin Candy" and "Chocolate". 

Some of the Halloween seasonal prizes have been removed but she was able to leave "Cursed Costume" and "New Type Belteine Costume Ex-Box" at the same price.

Also, two more new prizes have been added to her list:
- Item Drop Rate Scroll (20%) 10x [Required Material: Karin Candy 60x]
- Improved Ardeca Socket Stone [Required Material: Karin Chocolate 45x]
*Improved Ardeca Socket Stone: All ATT & Defence 4%

We have an important announcement about the purchase points (also called DK Points).
This feature has not been used or updated for a while and to save the DB space for the new feature,
we'll remove the entire Purchase Points section after November 14th, 2019.

However, for you to use up the points you earned, we've prepared two events.

1) Use the points at the entrance of the following dungeons.
Karon's Fragment / Karon's Fragment S / Karon's Fragment Hard
Required amount of Purchase Points are 3500, 4000, 6000, respectively.

2) Exchange the points with "Game with Karin"
By submitting 100,000 points, you can get one of the following items:
- Karin Chocolate    3x
- Karin Chocolate    4x
- Karin Candy    2x
- Karin Candy    3x
- Karin Candy    4x
- Incar's Rune 30 Days Ex-Box    1x (※Known Issue: currently cannot open the box. Will fix next week.) 
- Battlefield Rune 30 Days Ex-Box    1x
- Independent Necklace 30 Days Ex-Box    1x
- Zuto's Rune 3 Day Exchange Box    1x

Say good bye to Fall & Halloween. The following products have been cleared in D-Shop.
- Premium Halloween Package
- 2019 Halloween Package
- Fall Krystal Game
- Fall Krystal Game (10x)

But more exciting deals entered the shop today.
1) Vital Attack Double-Double Chance (650 DKC)

2) Fright Wings Gacha 5+1 (Great deal on the Wing Gacha - 875 DKC)

3) Winter Krystal Game (200 DKC)
Addition of the 4th generation crest to the previous Fall Krystal Game.

[Bug Fixes]
- Pet Issues: After we increased the number of pets user can have, certain actions with the pets results in disappearance of pets' ranking option and icons - Fixed
- Unique Pet Egg's "This is not FLYWEIGHT" issue - Fixed
- Characters got stuck at the character selection due to the pet issues above - Fixed
- The issue with those who participated with [Event] 2019 Halloween Exchange not being able to rejoin after the last week patch - Fixed

See you in-game!

Team Dekaron