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Halloween 2019 Trick or Treat Ⅱ

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Oct 18, 2019 3,956

Events & Sales

The Halloween exchange update is not over! The following prizes have been added to the NPC Karin’s [Event] 2019 Halloween Exchange.


Halloween Special Package Ⅱ

Required Items: Halloween Candy 60x
Content (You can select one of the followings)

  • Pumpkin Ghost Random (Obtain Unique or Rare Pumpkin Ghost Egg at random)
  • Item Drop Rate Scroll (20%) 10 Pack
  • Improved Ardeca Socket Stone

Cursed Costume Ex-Box

Required Items: Halloween Chocolate 150x


New Type 2016 Beltine Costume Ex-Box

Due to popular demand, we've reintroduced the original 2016 version of Beltein Costume (Can edit Crest)!

Required Items: Halloween Candy 300x AND Halloween Chocolate 180x


More Halloween Candy & Chocolates are available in Trieste’s Gold & Platinum Boxes now.

The Platinum Box also updated with ‘Wedding Ring’.


We increased the quantity of Blacksmith’s Grace 35% and Trick or Treat and upgraded the gems in the package as Some of you feel the gems in the Halloween Package are outdated.

Premium Halloween Package

Content (You can select 2 items in the following):

*Special Content:
Vital Attack Double-Double Chance 

(this is for those feel lucky and a chance to obtain 2x Vital Attack Gems)

You can get one of the followings at random:

Fright Wings Collection Gacha

One of the most popular product “Wings Gacha II” will be removed from the shop and replaced with upgraded version that’s themed for Halloween “Fright Wings"

- The box includes the new wings “Blood Lustre Wings” - Awakened version.
- Also added the classic Black Gladiator’s Wings & Sword Master’s Wings (Awakended Version).

<Blood Lustre Wings>

<Black Gladiator's Wing>

<Sword Master's Wing>

What’s Awaken Wings and how to awaken my wings?

- You can try this brand-new system at NPC Axion & Pablos with Liberty Essence 100x and 50,000 DIL.

- All wings are now divided to 3 levels; Eo/Xera/Ys

- Please visit the page below to find out more:

<Other Patch Notes>

We have also brought up numerous improvements to the game for your convenience.

1. Chat System and UI Update
- Able to setup the chat UI option in the [Option] menu
- The private shop UI location is saved when switching channels and maps

2. Item Stack Increase
- Redemption Seed (20 -> 99)
- Heated Plier (1-> 99)
- 1Billion Gold Bar, Gold Bullion, Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Bronze Coin 10 -> 99
- Blue Knight EXP Coin, Knight EXP Coin, Guard Knight EXP Coin, Guardsmen EXP Coin, Regulars EXP Coin, Recruit EXP Coin 1 -> 99

3. Item Stat Increase
- Favnil Flame I (Fixed DMG 10 -> 50)
- Favnil Flame II (Filed DMG 100 -> 200)
- Miere Water Drop (HP/MP Recovery 100 -> 150)

Favnil Flame can be obtained from crafting and you can equip into Attack-type force slots.

Miere Water Drop also can be obtained from crafting and it’s for Defence-type force slots.

4. Grade 9 Potion Crafting (9000 HP/MP recovery)

5. Improve EXP Gain System in Mitera, Dravis Field, Shangri-la

6. Update on Premium Holy Water of Almighty
- Can teleport to Arcadia & Shangri-la now
- Limited access in DK SquareImprovement on Guild System

7. Drop rates of selected items increased in the dungeons
- Sacred Claw: Sal Crysalline, Dragon Tongue, Corrupt Essence
- Dravice Secret Passage: Maneuver's Magic Crystal

8. UI glitch fixes on Mounts and Emblems

9. Efficiency of Gaining EXP from Monsters Improved

10. Pet System Enhancement
- Increased the maximum number of pet possession per character, 10 to 20

11. Improve Guild System
- Increased the Guild max level 10 to 15

12. Shangri-la Map Glitch Fixes

Thank you and see you in-game!


Papaya Play Wide Charge Bonus Event:
During Oct. 19th, 2019 ~ Nov. 2nd, 2019 (CEST), you will receive bonus DKC on top of your charged amount by logging in the page above.