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Papaya-Wide Charge Bonus!

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Oct 15, 2019 2,066

Hello Dekaronians~

Papaya Play is glad to announce the new charge bonus event for this upcoming Halloween season!

During Oct. 19th, 2019 ~ Nov. 2nd, 2019 (CEST), you will receive bonus DKC on top of your charged amount by logging in here: 

Select Dekaron in the game selection box, and start opening your pumpkins. 

You will receive one of the following bonus DKC upon opening:

Additionally, if your total bonus amount reaches exactly 200, you will receive an additional bonus DKC with the amount of 2000!

You are able to open up 1 pumpkin every time when your charge amount reaches the amount written below the pumpkin. Once you fulfill all the 8 pumpkins you have one more chance to gain 8 more pumpkins so you can open up to a total of 16 pumpkins from this event.

We wish you the best of luck and Happy Halloween!

*Please note that your bonus DKC from this event may take up to 24 hours to reach your account.