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Halloween 2019 Trick or Treat

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Happy pre-Halloween!

Trick or Treat season is coming again and Ardeca is all ready for the funniest and scariest event of the year!

Event items you need to collect for this event is: Halloween Candy and Chocolate

<How to get>

Find the reward event on the top-left corner of the screen.

You can get Halloween Candy 1x, 2x, and 3x as your playtime lapses every 30 mins.

Halloween Chocolate is available when you kill 50, 100, and 200 monsters.

*We also updated “Collect Material” event promoting the new DK Square.

If you collect at least 3 DK Guardian Proof that’s only available in the DK Square, you can exchange them with EXP scrolls.

<Exchange Halloween Event Items>

If you collected enough Candies and Chocolates, you can receive not only Seed of Dream but also various seasonal rune and hat. Lastly, we’ve put some Liberty Essence in the exchange as well due to popular demand. 

Find out the details at NPC Karin!

Since we added more channels to get Seed of Dreams, we also updated the NPC Jack with some Halloween special.

Bring him 1000x Seed of Dream to receive Ghost Socket Stone


The new 2019 Halloween Package includes Ocarina of Eternity and Trick or Treat box where you can get the Candies or Chocolates (it’s 50/50)

There are also Destructive and Vital gems with doubled quantity.

Check out the package’s content here:

See you in-game!

Thank you.