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Quest to Arcadia East

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Jun 20, 2018 6,119

Arcadia is back! Venture into the updated Arcadia East area and battle mysterious enemies for rare new rewards. While thankfully not infested with poisonous beasts like its counterpart to the west, Arcadia East’s corrupted magical threats should not be taken lightly…

Arcadia East Attendance

Play Dekaron every day through the Arcadia East event period to receive the prizes below. The more days you log in, the more loot you'll get!

Duration: 6/22 - 7/22 (CEST)

Arcadia East Monster Drops

Monsters in Arcadia East (the East side of the Arcadia map, accessible through the Arcadia's Messenger teleporter NPC in Ardeca) have a chance to drop the following items when slain:

Arcadia Coin Exchange

Use the Tokens collected from slain Arcadia East monsters to exchange for awesome prizes, including 13th Anniversary Letter Boxes and a variety of powerful Crest random boxes The Arcadia Tokens can be exchanged with NPC Arcadia Messenger in the south of Ardeca.

DK Shop Update

The DK Shop has been updated with two helpful boost packages, plus a new random box full of Crests!

Elite Defender Box - 3000 DKC

Help maximize your defense with the contents of this sturdy box.

*All contents of the Elite Defender Box are 'Bound'.

Elite Striker Box - 3000 DKC

Push your attack power to the limit with the contents of this fearsome box.

*All contents of the Elite Striker Box are 'Bound'.

Opportunity Bundle - 500 DKC

Want to get the Crest rewards from Arcadia East a little bit faster? See what opportunities await you with this lucky bundle!

*The Opportunity Bundle will randomly grant one of the above items when opened. All contents are 'Bound'.