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Valentine's Arcadia Update

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Jan 20, 2018 3,676

Now there's love in the air in Arcadia West as well (and not just poison)! LOVE is now dropping from Arcadia West monsters, and can be offered in the exchange quest for additional prizes, including a revamped Valentine's Random Box. See below for the updated event details:

Arcadia West Monster Drops

Arcadia Coin Exchange

Two Valentine's items have been added to the exchange quest, granting Seed of Dreams and valuable Valentine's Random Boxes! 

Valentine's Random Box

The Valentine's Random box offers a chance at a variety of items that you are sure to love!

Can't get enough Valentine's Random Boxes? They are also available in the Shop, with discounts available for large-quantity purchases. Share the love!

Remember that Arcadia's Protection is also still available to assist in weathering the poison from the denizens of Arcadia West. Don't go into battle unprepared.