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Quest to Arcadia West

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Venture into the deadly Arcadia West in search of glory and forbidden treasures! Make sure to come prepared, though: the foul denizens of this land drop noxious clouds when slain, easily felling even the heartiest of warriors. Can you survive long enough to claim the coveted Bloody Red Cloud?

Arcadia West Monster Drops

Monsters in Arcadia West (the West side of the Arcadia map, accessible through the Arcadia's Messenger teleporter NPC in Ardeca) have a chance to drop the following items when slain:

Arcadia Coin Exchange

Use the Tokens collected from fallen Arcadia West monsters to exchange for awesome prizes, including Dekaron Coins and the ultimate Bloody Red Cloud Mount! The Arcadia Tokens can be exchanged with NPC Arcadia Messenger in the South of Ardeca.

Arcadia's Protection

Need help surviving the poisonous clouds in Arcadia? The Arcadia’s Protection can nullify the poison for 1 hour, allowing you to focus solely on the battle instead of your health gauge!