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2018 Treasure Box Renewal

{{ locale_com.common_news_sale }} Dec 15, 2017 4,714

Happy New Year’s 2018 Heroes! With each new year comes the promise of new beginnings, and Dekaron has a trio of events to start off strong in 2018. There are Golden and new Platinum Chests available in the Shop, containing a variety of random awesome items to help get a head start on your Dekaron New Year’s resolutions!

Looking to start off the New Year with a bang? New Year Fortune Boxes contain a selection of useful items, including various amounts of Golden Keys and Seed of Dreams, plus Premium Parca’s Gift Packages. Dora's Workshops are also back in the Shop for a limited time, so take advantage of their return while you can.

*You can increase the Crafting Slot with Dora's Workshop.