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Infinite Dragon Perpetuus

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Dec 15, 2017 6,427

Happy New Year’s 2018 Heroes! With each new year comes the promise of new beginnings, and Dekaron has a trio of events to start off strong in 2018. Upgrade your Dragon Perpetuus to the new ‘Infinite’ crafting level and beyond making it more powerful than ever before!

Duration: 12/29 ~ 1/26

A new tier of Dragon Perpetuus have been introduced, increasing to the powerful ‘Infinite’ level with the help of Infinite Essences. You can find the new Crafting options through CRAFT -> COMMON -> Accessory -> "Infinite Dragonic Perpetuus":

How to obtain Dragonic Perpetuus:

Required Materials:
1. Dragonic Lachrymae
2. Dragonic Squama
3. Dragonic Ungula
4. Dragonic Kornu
5. Dragon Tongue

1.    Dragonic Lachrymae

Exchange Location: Valley Rift
Required Materials:
Tear of Dragon (Ellonohm)
Red Diamond (Ellonohm)
Magic Crystal (Ellonohm)

2.    Dragonic Squama

Exchange Location: Valley Rift
Required Materials:
Mysterious Pendant (Dravice Secret Passage)
Maneuver’s Magic Crystal (Dravice Secret Passage)
Dragon Scale (Dravice Secret Passage)

*How to get Mysterious Pendant:

1.    Access Dravice Secret Passage from Ellonohm Sanctum.
2.    Accept Suspicious Orders quest from NPC Rusty Door in the dungeon. (You need to go through the Maze)
3.    Kill Manuever
4.    Quest will be automatically completed and Shattered Mysterious Pendant will be given to you.
5.    Bring the Shattered Mysterious Pendant to NPC Nomada in Valley Rift
6.    Proceed with [Craft] Mysterious Pendant (Lv. 160) - This quest won't appear if you don't complete the 'Suspicious Order' quest from Rusty Door

3.    Dragonic Ungula & Dragonic Kornu

Exchange Location: Dravice Village
Required Materials: (All can be obtained in Sacred Claw)

4.    Dragon Tongue

(Can be obtained in Sacred Claw)