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New Years 2018 Party

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Dec 16, 2017 6,243

Happy New Year’s 2018 Heroes! With each new year comes the promise of new beginnings, and Dekaron has a trio of events to start off strong in 2018. Kill field monsters to collect the numerals of 2-0-1-8 that can be exchanged for valuable Dekaron Coins!

Duration: 12/29 ~ 1/26

Kill Field Monsters to collect the numerals 2, 0, 1, and 8, which can be exchanged with NPC Karin for valuable Dekaron Coins.

Dekaron Coins can be crafted into the following valuable items through CRAFT -> COMMON -> DEKARON COIN:

- Once you open the '3-Days' boxes, you cannot use them as exchange materials
- 3-Days Box -> Permanent D-Perpetuus: The upgrade success rate is RANDOM.

Having trouble collecting the elusive 8 (Numeral)? New Year Gift Tokens collected from New Year Gift Random Boxes in the shop can be exchanged for the elusive number!