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Christmas Chaos

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Dec 4, 2017 4,476

Santa Karon is coming to town (again)! Appearing again in Ardeca, this year he’s on the lookout for Christmas Gift Tokens, and is giving presents away to all the good little Dekaron who show off their holiday spirit. Santa Karon’s got a new list of goodies in his sack, including Seed of Dreams and the exclusive Santa Costume!
Event Duration: 12/14 - 1/10

Santa Karon’s minions will be appearing in several dungeons across the land, dropping Christmas Gift Tokens and other prizes, including the new Parca Wings! 

The minion Santa Karons will be appearing in:

Each minion Santa Karon has a chance to drop the following:

Exchange the Christmas Gift Tokens you get from the minion Santas with the true Santa Karon in Ardeca for festive costumes and Seed of Dreams! 

Santa Karon’s stash includes:

The Christmas Gift Token Random Box has a chance to reward one of the following:

Improve the Santa Costume to the Premium Version using 100x Seed of Dreams. 

*Only 100x Seed of Dreams will be consumed if the upgrade is failed.