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Heroes' Homecoming

{{ locale_com.common_news_event }} Nov 24, 2017 4,120

Trieste needs Heroes! Return to the epic world of Dekaron and receive a powerful reward every day to help restart your adventures with the Heroes’ Homecoming Event! Been away from Dekaron for a while? This event has everything you need to jump back into the game, including Holy Water of Almighty, tickets to access the revamped Dragon’s Nest and Horror Honeymoon Dungeons, and Trieste Golden Keys! 

If you haven’t played Dekaron for more than 20 days (Nov 1 ~ Nov 21), upon logging you will receive 10x ‘Homecoming Tokens’ in your Mailbox. You can redeem one Token per day to receive each of the prizes on the list below. Log in on 10 unique days during the event period to receive all the prizes!


Day 1

Holy Water of Almighty 30 days

Day 2

Camouflage (10)

Day 3

5 Runes Package

Day 4

Honeymoon Ticket 10+1

Day 5

Rare Pet Egg (binded)

Day 6

Dragon Ticket (10)

Day 7

Shiny Runes Package

Day 8

Premium Infinite Battle 2 Ticket (10)

Day 9

Treasure Hunter Rune 30 days Ex-Box

Day 10

Trieste Golden Key (10)


Good luck, Heroes, and welcome back