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Welcome to Papaya Play!

To the adventurers of Iveria,

We're happy to announce our 6th title of our gaming platform, Papaya Play. 

Papaya Play is the unified web launch portal of Vertigo Games America, Inc. Through Papaya Play, Vertigo Games provides quality service for users of its currently supported titles, BlackShot, Dekaron, La Tale, War Rock, and Uncharted Waters Online. The Papaya Play team is composed of experienced publishers and talented individuals who strive daily to maintain a standard of excellence. Moving forward, Papaya Play will continue to expand and provide exceptional gaming experiences to the online marketplace and beyond.

4Story has been beloved by many players and the community is still thriving to this day. We hope to see familiar faces and friendly players that made 4Story a great game to experience. 

You will be able to explore the lands of Iveria on Nov. 18th, 2020 (CET)!