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Pre-Registration Rewards

To the adventurers of Iveria,

Welcome to Papaya Play: 4Story! We are happy to take part in servicing this amazing MMORPG that is heavily focused on PvP. If you already pre-registered, you will receive the following items as soon as you login for the first time.

< Pre-Registration Login >

  • GM Gift - Panacea of HP (x100)
  • GM Gift - Panacea of MP (x100)
  • GM Gift - Teleport Scroll (x10)
  • GM Gift - Scroll of Resurrection (x10)
  • GM Gift - 120% XP Plus [1H] (x10)
  • GM Gift - Speed Potion (x10)
  • GM Gift - Premium Storage 90 Days Extension
  • GM Gift - Sturdy Sack
  • GM Gift - Papaya Play Horse
  • The Original Adventurer Title

< Pre-Registration Level Up Challenge >

  • Achieve Lv. 10: Receive 455 FSC ($5 USD Value)
  • Achieve Lv. 25: Receive 455 FSC ($5 USD Value)
  • Achieve Lv. 34 + Lv. 34 Gear Upgrade to +10: Receive 910 FSC ($10 USD Value)

You must achieve the Lv. 10 upgrade yourself. If you purchase a +10 gear from someone else, it will not count towards the last challenge. If you are having difficulties without Potion of Fortune or Survival Tincture, don't worry! All upgrading materials can be acquire through events and it will be available through PvP contents in the future.

If you have not pre-registered, please do so before the launch date (Nov. 18th) to receive the rewards!

< Special Sales >

  • The premium shop is still in construction. It will be announced on the day of launch!

Thank you for your support and have a great adventure!