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A New Start on Lost Saga
Lost Saga is back! Lost Saga was initially introduced in 2009 and it has gained fans and communities from many countries and regions.

We're excited to open the Lost Saga NA servers once again. We will be devoting all our efforts to highlight its classic and unique aspects. We hope that you enjoy this epic adventure.
Event Date | From Now - Till Grand Launch

The following five rewards will be given to the first character created under the Papaya Play account that is made with the email address you entered below.

Bonus Rewards
Lost Saga is…

Lost Saga is an Online Action RPG game that allows players to choose their own mercenary and engage in pvp combat with other players.

Lost Saga will provide you with many contents that everyone can enjoy! We're starting with 76 mercenaries that all have different abilities. Costumize mercenary skills and battle with other players. There are also numerous dungeons ready for you to enjoy with your mercenaries and other players.