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Siege Revolution

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Salutations, Dekaron!

All your waiting has paid off, with the arrival of Action 24, Part II: Siege Revolution. Siege has been given a total overhaul, but it's still the same exciting experience you're used to: a battle to capture or defend a castle, to win the rights to occupy it for an entire week.

While you're waiting for Sunday's battle, we’re dug up a classic fun-filled feature, focused on frigid fungi.

And if you’re in the market for a new pair of wings, the DShop has got you. But this time, there’s a twist.

Siege Revolution

Dekaron’s famous Siege battle system has been given a complete overhaul – without changing what's made it so engaging. Siege battles are now faster, fiercer, and more frequent. Rewards are vastly improved, and once the call to battle goes out, it’s easy for anyone to join in.

Rule of Three

Genoa Castle has long stood at the centre of Dekaron’s guild conflicts, but the gates have finally closed on the venerable fortress.

Coming Soon: Arby's

In its place, three new castles are now available and awaiting occupation by player guilds: Imperial Castle in Ardeca, Golden Castle in Deadlands, and Conbelton Castle in Requires Beach.

Imperial Castle: the majestic one

Golden Castle: the regal one

Conbelton Castle: the other one

All three castles are up for grabs with every Siege, and each castle can be occupied by a different guild. So if one is resisting your occupation efforts, another might make a more suitable target.

Siege battles will always occur on the Divine Valley channel on both servers, every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm Central European Time (UTC+1).

Suppose They Gave a War and Everybody Came

Gone is the unintuitive seal and ritual process once needed for a guild to reserve one of only three available attacker slots. You’ll still need to be part of a guild in order to engage in Siege, but that’s the only prerequisite. Your guild's size and level, and your character level, are no longer of any concern. You just need to select your target of choice, and enter through the castle doors on the corresponding map. You can even join a battle that’s already in progress.

Everybody stand back. I got this.

During Siege, each individual castle can hold up to 300 combatants total, which includes both offense and defense. You can join Siege battles as a party, but your party must consist of members of a single guild. You’ll be denied entry, otherwise.

I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction!

Rules of Engagement

Each Siege battle lasts for 60 minutes, and the attacking force must break through the castle’s defenses, to destroy the Castle Crystal at its centre. Those defenses will include the castle’s current occupants, who can engage the attackers directly, or strike from atop the walls. The defenders can also spend guild funds to deploy guards (up to 100) and reinforce the castle gates.

So what kind of benefits does this job offer?

Unlike the twists and turns of Genoa Castle, Siege battles are now much more straightforward. Each of the three castles has slightly different gate set-ups, but it’s always a relatively direct path to the Castle Crystal.

omw to steal ur base

Castle defense functions are managed by your old friend Lorenzo, who’s moved out of Genoa, and now assists the owners of all three new castles (at the same time, such dedication). The Guild leader speaks to him to purchase spend DIL on guards and gates. Lorenzo can teleport members of a castle’s occupying guild to its various gates during battle, and can warp you back to Ardeca when you're ready to leave.

"...In response to the original scrivener: 'Your demeanor is villainous, and your skull shape betrays questionable character.' And... post!"

Guilds who’ve attained higher levels can ask Lorenzo to unleash Siege skills – powerful rituals which only to the leaders of defending guilds can request, and only usable during Siege battles.

The Castle Crystal and gates are VERY resilient – each attack will only deal 1 point of damage (and Attack Forces won’t work), so sheer numbers and speed count for a lot. You won't be able to see how much of the gate & Crystal's HP is remaining, unless you're playing defense.

The Zerg Rush is a time-honoured tradition.

Whichever guild delivers the final strike to the Castle Crystal is the winner of that round, and becomes the new defending team. But the battle isn’t over once the crystal falls – the new defenders now have a two minute Preparation Phase to set up defenses of their own (the gates are restored at base level, but all guards are removed). The former defending team is now part of the attacking side, and all attackers are ejected from the castle to their respective Return Points when the Crystal is destroyed. After the Preparation Phase elapses, everyone has the chance to run back and try to claim/reclaim it.

Reinforcing gates and deploying guards is now easier, with an enhanced UI that lets you see where your gates and guards are located.

A castle can change hands multiple times over the course of a single Siege battle, and whoever is defending when the 60 minute battle elapses will be declared that week’s winner. Victory lets you occupy the castle for 7 days, until the following week’s Siege battle.

It’s free-for-all between attackers and defenders, but you can't hurt your own side by default. However, attackers can force attack each other by holding Control (excluding members of their own guild), if they think it will better their guild's chances of landing the final blow to the Castle Crystal. Defenders can even force attack their own guards, too.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Siege Revolution introduces the Model Block System, a new dimension of PvP that’s currently exclusive to Siege battles. Members of the attacking or defending forces are unable to share space with the opposition – they are physically blocked by living opponents. Siege battlers can still share space with members of their own side, so this new system opens up a whole new level of strategy – offensive and defensive.


Final note – Observer Mode is not currently enabled for Siege. It may be re-added in a future update, but you’ll have to join in the battle yourself if you want to observe the carnage, for now.

Spoils of War

The leader of a castle’s occupying guild can claim a small percentage of the DIL spent in their server’s agency each day they retain control, in the form of a tax. The tax is set at 5% of all agency transactions, split three ways between each castle’s owner. The percentage may be adjusted later, as necessary.

Something is going to happen to the rich, one of these days. "Taxed" is the best option they could hope for.

In addition, Lorenzo will allow the victorious guild’s leader exclusive access to the Castellan’s chamber, which contains a Treasure Chest with a stash of rewards. The chest’s contents replenish after each Siege, when a castle is successfully captured or defended.

Whose house? Run's house!

The chest always contains a fixed amount of HP and MP potions and Z Coins, and 2 to 4 Castle Tokens. Each of the remaining rewards has its own fixed chance to appear, so you might receive all or none of the items on the "Random" list any given week.

Arcane Experience Scrolls function the same as existing scrolls. Advanced Transcendence Rank Up Coins can each be traded with Karin for 42,000 Grade Points, if you are level 50 or higher.

Castle Tokens are used in the creation of the Conqueror Seal, which is slated to be THE final word in Dekaron PvP power and prestige. The secret to the creation of this exemplary ring has yet to be revealed, but a supply of tokens from all three castles will be required to even have a chance at forging it.

Until that secret is revealed, this preview of what’s to come will hopefully motivate you into waging a successful Siege.

Tantanbo Hunting

You’ve all been asking. And after many, many months of ignoring you, we've capitulated. Tantanbo Hunting has returned.

While you’re in the field, any time you kill a monster within 30 levels of your character, there’s a small chance that a Frozen Tantanbo will appear.

I've seen enough anime to know where this is going.

Frozen Tantanbo will cough up a very cool 1.3 million EXP when killed, in addition to some pretty chill loot. One of the three Drop Set 1 items will always appear from a squashed Tantanbo. The chance of receiving prizes from the other two drop sets is much smaller (and even when one of them is selected, there’s a good chance that nothing will still drop.)

The Tantanbo Hunting Box is relatively common, but it has some choice loot. Unopened boxes and the other indicated items will be removed from player inventories on February 12th, so don’t be too eager to hoard those buffs.

Accessory Enhancement

As Meister enhancement ends, so must accessory enhancement begin. See Aria to take advantage of reduced material costs and increased success chances for the listed accessories, earrings, and emblems.

There’s currently no enhancement for the Circulation Emblem, as its previous event bonus (no stage drop on a failed upgrade) is now the default.

Field Drop Renewal

Our Action 24: Part I update included changes to field drops from specific maps. One new item that was supposed to be included was the Helpyron’s Armor Cache in Mitera, but it wasn’t ready at the time of the initial update.

Somewhere along the line the cache was snuck in, so we’re confirming that all monsters in Mitera have a chance of dropping it. The cache contains one piece of Helpyron’s Armor, for a random class and armor equipment slot. Good hunting!


Wings are on sale again, but we’re introducing a new type of random box this week. This time, the degree of randomness is more in your hands.

When you open up a Double-Or-Nothing Wing Box, you can simply claim the Cursed Black Wings Ex-Box for the character who opens it. But if you’re feeling bold, you can Let It Ride for a 50:50 chance at either Enhanced Growth Fate Wings, or a few Liberty Essence.

You can claim the wings if you win them, or you can Let It Ride again for a 50:50 chance at either Parca’s Wings, or more Liberty Essence.

You can claim Parca’s Wings if you win them, or you can Let It Ride again… see the pattern?

The amount of Liberty Essence varies, but we PROMISE that every step is a 50% chance at either the Essence, or the indicated wings. No hidden odds.

A bold pair of Twilight Wings awaits you if you Let It Ride all the way to the top.

So… cash out? Or let it ride?

Best to run if someone like this asks you that question.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug which was preventing players from handing in the Dungeon Master quest to Eva Riana in Valley Rift if the reward would have taken them to more than 10 billion DIL.

The 30 Days of Almighty Package is one of our strongest sellers, and was not meant to be removed. Whoops. It is back in the DShop, and will remain on sale until further notice.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron