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Merry Christmas Dekaron

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Dec 28, 2020 2,676

Salute! All Dekaronians!

2020 is finally coming to end and we are celebrating this with a new Christmas-themed event dungeon with some excellent rewards! Don't miss out this great opportunity to have the unique costumes.

Reminder to all Dekaronians: Events from the Action 24 update are still ongoing. We heard that many of you have trouble making the new Snowflake V emblem so this week we have included an enhancement to the Circulation Emblem’s probabilities. There will be more contents release after New Years. Until then, please enjoy our events with us.

*Event items & quests will remain active until deletion date.

New Event Dungeon: Santa Karon’s Workshop

Santa Karon is back! He’s been building a secret workshop behind the Giant Tunnel in Frozen Valley of Vengeance. He has been switching gifts from nice ones, to naughty ones behind the real Santa’s back. We will need all your help to stop Santa Karon’s evil plan and show him who is really naughty!

Look who has gotten a new job for this Christmas.

Dungeon Details

You will need at least 3 players to proceed the dungeon.

-         Level Requirements

-         Easy Mode : Lv150 above

-         Hard Mode : Lv180 above

Admission: Maximum 3 times per day – 1st Free / 2nd 100,000 Dil / 3rd 1,000,000 DIL

*You may only enter the dungeon 3 times per day regardless of level.

*All 3 players must have tickets to enter.

To visit Santa Karon's workshop, head to NPC Snowman, next to Karin in Ardeca, who's waiting for you to help stop Santa Karon. Make sure to collect all the quests for new dungeon from Snowman before requesting teleportation to the dungeon entrance.

*NPC teleportation costs 20,000 DIL, when premium warp function also available.

(1)   The first area will require all 3 players to pick up the KEY (quest) item each, then talk to NPC at the end of the hall to proceed to the next area. (1 player cannot have multiple key items to proceed)

You can open this present. It's yours!

(2)   There is another KEY (quest) item hidden inside gift boxes in this area. Players will have to avoid traps and monster, and open these boxes for the Main Key. Then, you will be able to go next area once one of the party members have acquired the Main key.

(3)   In this 3rd area, you will be able to find the Rudolphlungren (midway Boss) monster which has only 1 set DMG taken. Players will have to find Santa Karon’s Attack-Type Force from gift boxes near the monster to make more effective damage.

*These event attack-type force will be removed once you have completed dungeon.

Full Rewards List

*drops randomly from any monsters or opening boxes

NPC Viola New Mystical Fabric Exchange

You can find Viola Sewing Kit from the event dungeon and use this to exchange your Mystical Fabric (binded) with its tradable version. This new function tab can be found on NPC Viola. Now, you can have easier access to making a transcendent costume.

*Sewing kit is an one-time use item (consumable) and will be required every time exchange is requested.

Circulation Emblem Upgrade Enhancement

We have encountered many suggestions and ideas to make our game be more advanced, better, and simply more user friendly. One biggest concern was about the Circulation Emblem's upgrade probabilities, and it will improve more.

-BEFORE: Emblem level decrease upon failure after lv20

-NOW : No more level decrease and higher success rate to all lv1~50.

*You may still fail your upgrade attempt.

Advent Ascent

As we are going into final week of 2020, we are increasing the EXP boost to 600% until the New Year countdown to send the year off with a bang! This will be 700% on the PK channel.


Special sales for this Christmas week! We’ve brought back some of the very popular and in-demand items for just 1 week. Plus a NEW choice box has been added to the DShop. Wonder what deals we're talking about? Check them out in-game now!

Bugs & Fixes

There have been irregular restrictions set in Colosseum map, which has been resolved

Minor text description fixes on a few event items.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you,

Team Dekaron