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[Patch Note] February 1st Patch Note

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jan 30, 2019 3,844

Hello Players!

With this patch note we aim to keep you updated with the changes happening in game.

1. Snowflakes falling down on this world

Now you can farm Snowflakes during this winter to finish up your Snowflake emblems!

 - The item "Snowflake" is now available to be farmed from All Field monsters.

 - The "Snowflake" item has higher chance to drop at "Horror Honeymoon Dungeon" and "Karon's Trasnport" Dungeons.

2. Item drop edits

Some nice quality of life changes for the people who love to farm field mobs.

 - Blessed HP Potion (10) Removed from Phantom land and Mitera

 - Blessed MP potion (10) is SOON to be removed as well.

 - Twice the chance of Seed of Dreams from Phantom Land, and Mitera mobs.

 - Now Mitera's Insanity Glimpse drops from All Field Monsters. 

3. 200% EXP and Droprate Boost all Weekend!

From after the maintenance on Feb 1st, 2019, 200% exp gain and droprate increase will be applied for 72 hours! This is your chance to grab all your gears and time to powerlevel your low level characters!

Thank you for your continued support on this game. We will do our best to keep this game enjoyable, and any feedback will be appreciated. For the feedback and supports, please contact the Papayaplay tickets or through Dekaron discord channels, which you can access through the tab on the left side of the screen on the Dekaron main website.